pastorale Laclede Bedous

The Pastoral, a scenery representing Pierre Laclède’s life


Two performances on August 4th and 5th at 9:30 pm

An unprecedented, two-hour show on Pierre Laclède’s life



Booking: Aspe Valley Tourist Information Office:

From France: call 05 59 434 57 57


From abroad: call +33 559 34 57 57


To book on line : link









1-The Theme : 


The life of Pierre Laclède-Liguest, who was born in the Aspe Valley and migrated to the USA in the mid 18th century, where he founded the city of Saint Louis in Missouri in 1764. 


2-The Show


The show will take place in the open air in Bedous, Aspe Valley, and will be divided into two parts:

-the first part giving us an insight to his childhood and adolescence

-the second part portraying his adulthood on the banks of the Mississippi.



The preparation of the show is underway. 

The first rehearsals have begun under the artistic direction of Annie Rigal and Chantal Monge Bascouert